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Great News!!

We are now operating in the West Rand!

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If you can answer “YES” to any of the following questions then Dandy Dogs is the perfect solution for you and your dog.

- Do you have a busy or hectic schedule and can never find time to take your pet to the local grooming parlour?

- Do you worry, if your parlour collects and delivers, about the high risk of hi-jacking or accidents, or even overheating sitting in    an un-airconditioned vehicle for unnecessarily long periods of time?

- Do you hate the idea of your pet sitting in a cage all day?

- Does your pet get nervous or stressed out when it's time to visit the parlour?

- Does your dog suffer from seperation anxiety?

- Does the thought of your dog having to listen to nothing but barking dogs all day make you cringe?

- Are you worried about your dog picking up illnesses, skin infections or parasites from other dogs?

- Does your pet get sick or stressed in a car or suffer from motion sickness?

- Do you hate the idea of putting a dirty, smelly dog in your nice clean car?

- Do you have an older or sick pet that cannot handle the stress of a trip to the parlour?

- Do you have a Pug, Shih Tzu, Bulldog, or any other breed that can overheat if dried in a cage?

Dandy Dogs offers the ultimate in convenience because we come to your dog!


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